We believe that it’s our responsibility to be the change we want to see in the world. Therefore we are committed to sourcing 100% vegan and earth-friendly materials. We are promoting environmental awareness for a cruelty-free and green planet.

Our sustainable vision is guided by our mission of a more conscious and grateful lifestyle. We are embracing the joy of having less, by providing the freedom of having one handbag that you can customize for any of your outfits. Make space in your wardrobe and feel the privilege of minimalism. Let’s start a life of simplicity and happiness through Mabi & Co.

Environmentally Responsible

Giving back is not enough

MABI & CO cares about nature and the preservation of the earth. We strive to always deliver innovative products made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials. We put effort into letting you know this because we believe our customers deserve to know exactly why MABI & CO products are eco-friendly.


Our Handbag is primarily constituted of  EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate).

Being a firm material as EVA mostly is, it is a splendid material to make products with. EVA has the advantage of being 100 % recyclable of all production waste which means that no waste is achieved producing from the material. This helps to exploit the resources using EVA in all productions.  EVA is free of chlorides, heavy metals, phenols, latex, and all toxics. Our products contain zero animal products or byproducts.